Tecno Tubi is an Italian company based in Treviso which operates in the hydraulic and pneumatic sectors since 1983. It offer a highly qualified retailing service to its customers and has also specialised in projecting and manufacturing of industrial systems over the years.

New headquarters in Ponzano Veneto

The building covers over more than 4000 m2. Thanks to the expertise of the counter assistants, retail deliveries are very fast. Advanced numerical control machinery and a staff of specialists have allowed the construction of plants of great importance over the years. We are a point of reference for sector designers.

One of the most well-stocked warehouse in northeastern Italy

Reliability and efficiency cannot be improvised: our store offers a vast range of products ready for delivery.

Sustainable energy supply

The new headquarters was built according to state of the art standards of eco-sustainability. A photovoltaic system supplies all the energy needed by the company.

A company in constant growth

Investing in growth is one of the principles that has led us to become a reference company in the sector.